Mobi Buzz CSR

Mobi Buzz is a digital platform which consists of mVAS and IT development services. We start our activities science 2015 and perform lots of external and in-house development projects. As of our social concern we always trying to engage Mobi Buzz to help people and help our beloved society with some different aspects.
We always think of innovative ideas that create some value in people’s minds. We develop a platform that helps people in a crucial moment. This is Blood Seek ( a social responsibility of Mobi Buzz. Blood Seek is a blood donation service in Bangladesh and a digital community where people can easily engage themselves as a blood donor or blood seeker.
It helps people to easily find out a blood donor in Bangladesh from the Blood Seek website as of their needs. People can easily access the website and make registration as per their area basis.
Our vision is to connect more people with Blood Seek so that anyone can easily reach the ultimate blood donor at a very crucial moment. Blood Seek contains blood donor data as per their blood group, area, cell phone number and last donation updates.

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